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· One min read

Affiliate Magnet will not allow you to customize the text that is attached before the message. Up till now, whenever the bot replaced any affiliate link, "From @member" was added to the beginning. Now, you will be able to customize that text.

You can set your own header using the slash command /set header <your header text>.

Special characters {m} and {@m}

{m} and {@m} stand for member and mention member respectively. Whenever the bot replaces a link, it will attach the header with the member's username or nickname in place of {m} and a mention (@) in place of {@m}.

You can see examples here.

· One min read

Hello there, Affiliate users!

I am happy to announce that Affiliate Magnet will now support Amazon links. It will work with all major domains around the world. Now, the bot supports a total of three websites.

You can configure your Amazon options in a similar way to how you do for Unity and Humble Bundle. A new set of commands have been added under /set amazon to set your affiliate_tag and replace_mode.

How to set up affiliate replacing for Amazon

  1. First, set your affiliate tag by running /set amazon affiliate_tag <your affiliate tag>
  2. Set your bot to replace affiliate links by running /set amazon replace_mode Replace

What's next?

In the near future, I have planned to add the option to customise the text which is sent before the message. Bored of the same old "From @member:" ? You'll be able to have more variety soon :)

Also, which website should I add next? Let me know in the support server.